Why White Nail Polish is a must-have in your collection.

There are some of us who love the plain simplicity of white nail polish while some of us find it super duper boring. Here are some reasons that are going to make you see white nail polish through a whole new perspective!

1. Background for Designs
Be it a cute floral nail art or an intricate nail masterpiece, we cannot deny white nail polish’s ability to emphasize whatever design we choose to make on it. Just like how we use white paper to write and draw our designs on, white nail polish is an excellent base color choice.

2. Base for Gradients/Ombre
At Wow Chamber, we heart gradient nails! Ombre never goes out of style and practically can pull off any look you would like. Using light sober colors give out excellent classy vibes while funky color choices can bring out the perfect preppy look. All in all, to achieve the perfect gradient nails we need a stable plain old white base ( unless you’re going for punky dark ombre of course! )

3. Color Enhancer
Ever regretted buying a cute nail color and not quite achieving the same color on your nails as the color looks in the bottle? Well, I have! The solution is shockingly simple actually. Put a thin coat of white polish before applying the desired color. Voila! Rest assured, you’ll have the color consistency that made you buy the polish in the first place.

4. French Manicure
French Manicures can get pretty expensive when done at salons. But they are so freaking pretty! Most of us have tried getting the classic French tips at home. We also love our own modern takes on the classic work of art. And for that, what do we need? White Nail Polish of course!

5. The Dynamic Duo of Black and White
Need I say more? The phrase ‘black and white’ has a million stories attached. Nail art is a form of art and in this form too, these 2 colors have the most ravishing color marriage of all times. Lacey retro nail dos to edgy modern art, these 2 together create wonders!

6. The Boring-er the Better
Have you ever observed how even some uninteresting things seem interesting when accompanied by drop dead boring things? Well, this use of White Nail Polish is something of that sort. Jewelry and Accessories like rings and bracelets pop out more when we wear more subdued colors on our nails like white. Next time you want people to notice your new finger ring, why not wear white polish?

7. Base for Water Marbling
Water Marbling is hard to master, but it’s best to fit yourself to try and achieve the perfect nail art. Use white nail paint as a base coat in order to make your water marble more vivid and visually appealing.

8. So plain yet so Festive
White though being such a non-happening color, it has irreplaceable use in almost all festive nail art designs. Snowflakes, Snowmen, and snow for Christmas, Ghosts for Halloween and the perfect background to all the lovely Holi colors, White stands tall when it comes to festive nails.

9. Nailart for Lazy People
Water nail decals are so easy to use and can give you a flawless professional-looking nailart in the matter of a few minutes. Nail decals are extremely thin and translucent, so, the best way to display them would be to put them on a white background.

These were just a handful of White Nail Polish’s uses. You can use white nail paint for various other designs and ideas. White nail color is without a doubt an absolute must-have in your collection of nail paints.

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  1. I agree 100%. You can do a lot with white nail polish on a nail art design. Essie white gel nail polish is my fave. Quality wise it last 2 weeks and its worth the price. What’s your fave white nail polish brand?

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