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Would you like to know a little about me? I would love to walk you through my journey and stories ūüôā

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That Nail Polish

Did you know? Nail Polish originated more than 5000 years back in China! Ancient Egyptians painted nails too.

Let's Paint!


Explore the glorious mess that you are. Explore the limits of your radiance. Create a wonderful lifestyle.

Let's Go!

Where does this Chamber take you?

We are just starting off on this path of ease and glamor. There is so much of elegance and class in the simplest things in life and we would love to embrace all that comes our way without narrowing down our vision.

For starters, let's just say we go ahead with nail art, makeup, lifestyles tips and of course some DIYs.

Wow Chamber is a budding flower aspiring to be one of the most beautiful flowers ever with a sweet smell in the future. Anyone who wants to appreciate, suggest, collaborate or join Wow Chamber is warmly welcome.