Hey there!

First of all, extremely glad to have the pleasure to introduce myself to you! Hi, I'm Paulomi. Often known as the crazy and emotional one, I have a blazing passion for all things pretty!! You see, my initial decision to start Wow Chamber was for Nail Art.
Oh did I tell you? I am the fondest dog lover there is.  And I have my fury princess baby at home named Honey. Sweet right? Quite contrary to what people perceive me to be, I'm an Engineering student. No, I'm not a geek.
I love to travel and have a never-ending thirst for it. I'll make sure to share some of my experiences with you. Yes, I watch a lot of tv shows too! Tell me what's your favorite one? We might just have an awesome conversation.

I am a foodie, I live for good food. Cheese is bliss, isn't it? Well, I try my hand at cooking once in every blue moon. Maybe someday I'll get better at it 😛
Let me be honest, I'm super lazy and a procrastinator. There are many of us out there, right?