9 things you need as a Nail Art Beginner!

Us girls, we are beauty thirsty. And of course, fashionable nails are totally in style these days ( they are always in style! ) A beautiful nail do is a must. Though there are many easy yet cute options available for those who aren’t into manual tiny artwork on their little canvases or when we are super lazy,  these are the things you must own if you’re giving nail art a thought!

  1. BrushesJust like any artist, a nail-artist requires her brushes! A good set of fine nail brushes can go a long way. They range from thick ones ( for solid painting ), fan brushes ( for special effects ) to really thin fine liner brushes. They all do their special magic to create little heartwarming art pieces!
    When I first started nail art, these brushes were so difficult to find! But now, they are everywhere! Starting from eBay to Flipkart, Amazon to Snapdeal, they really are everywhere! They aren’t that expensive too! If you’re a budding nail maniac then go buy yourself a set. It’ll probably cost you around 200 bucks ( inr ).

2. Dotting Tools

True to its name, these pretty looking creatures are used to make perfect polish dots on your nails. They typically come in sets of 5. You can get these cool crystal look-alikes or even wooden ones, they all work fine. With dot heads on either side, you get the variety of 10 different sizes of dots. You can create nice nail designs with just plain dot patterns or even make flowers and hearts. I’ll make a post for just this someday.
These two are easily available these days on all shopping sites. They cost around 200 too but if you opt for a combo pack of Brushes+Dotting Tools you can get a pretty decent deal ( perhaps around 350 inr )

3. Sponges 

I can bet you adore ombre ( A.K.A gradient ) nails! I truly feel they are sensational. The subtle range of colors diving into each other and creating this uninterrupted pool of chroma. Oh, what a delight! Ever wonder how it’s achieved? Sponges of course. Though normal craft sponges can do the trick ( not quite neatly ) they create a lot of mess and leave behind a lot of behind the nails work if you know what I mean 😉
Makeup/nail sponges bring about this effect flawlessly. Their soaking capability is so strong that it leaves behind little to no mess. Ombre nails are one of the simplest yet most elegant techniques there is in the nail art dictionary.

4. White Nail Polish

I cannot stress enough on the fact that you NEED white nail polish! We use white paper for writing, sketching or painting don’t we? Just like that, we need a solid white often for nail art. White nail polish brings out the best of all colors. Doing any design on a white base gives a body to your work. Click here for more details about white nail polish’s benefits. You can opt for pocket-friendly brands such as Maybelline, Revlon etc or go for more lavish ones such as L’Oreal or O.P.I.

5. Nail Latex

Honestly, this isn’t a must-have if you are patient enough to clean the edges of your cuticles with nail polish remover and an angled brush after a messy nail-do. But getting a crisp clean nail look can be tricky with just a brush clean-up especially if you attempt something like water-marbling or gradient art. Liquid nail latex comes in a simple formula which allows you to apply it around your nail and remove it by peeling it off after the mess quite hassle-free. But they are quite expensive and not abundantly available in India.

6. Palette 

Every painter requires a palette. While using any polish for nail art, if we keep the lid open for way too long it really harms the consistency of the polish. It makes the polish thick and reduces its lifespan significantly. You don’t want your beloved polish to dry off so soon, do you? By pouring a blob of polish on a palette and using that blob for your art is really advisable. You can surely refill your “blob” yet not ruin your polish due to too much air consumption.
But of course, you need to maintain your palette. Leaving unattended dry polish on the palette can ultimately lead to wastage of the entire palette. Dried nail polish is very difficult to remove. After every nail art session, we should always remove the nail paint using remover and a cotton swab. You can use professional makeup palettes but plastics ones do just fine ( while helping your pocket )

7. Base and Top Coat

Basecoat is required for the protection of your nails. It creates a shield between your nails and the harmful effects of nail polish. It avoids yellowing of nails and helps it from brittleness and breakage.
Topcoat gives the very fine final touches for your nail art. Be it shiny or matte, it completes any look and seals it for a longer lifespan. There are various types of topcoats available such as quick dry, gel etc.
You can purchase basecoats and topcoats or even get super cool dual formula base+top coat nail polishes.

8. A good Remover

While creating designs we are prone to make mistakes. Or sometimes we just want to keep trying out new tricks till your heart rests on one ( typical me! ) And we make a lot of mess while painting our nails. Hey, we’re only human! All this calls for a good harmless nail polish remover. I personally use Sally Hansen removers, I like how easily paints get removed and it is very subtle on the skin. Any good remover without much of acetone should do the trick. We need remover for cleaning brushes, dotting tools and palettes too.

9. Cotton Balls

We need cotton along with remover at every step. It is a good habit to clean your brushes, dotting tools and palettes as soon as you’re done with that particular step. Cotton is remover’s best friend. They go hand in hand all the way. For sitting and successfully finishing a nail-do without getting up a hundred times, you must always keep your fluffy pal by your side. Cotton swabs do the trick as well.

There are so many other things you can incorporate into your nail art kit but these 9 items are good enough to start with. With just a few nail colors and these items, we can create so much on your nails!

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